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Wireless technology transforms the lives of Canadians on a daily basis.

We use wireless technology for just about everything: to keep connected with friends and family, to increase business productivity, to learn new skills, and to maneuver through our day-to-day lives.

Are you getting the most from your device?

As we rely on wireless devices more and more, it becomes even more important that our devices help us do the things we need them to do. In fact, wireless devices have a lot of great built-in features that can make things a lot more accessible and improve usability.

Whether you are a senior, or a person with a disability, or simply looking to better understand your device’s features, check out:

  • Resources – Understand various resources and services that are available depending on accessibility needs, including information about apps, Message Relay Service and Video Relay Service, and Text with 9-1-1.
  • Media – View videos in ASL & LSQ, and review transcripts, about important topics including Wireless Code, Wireless Public Alerting, and Internet Code.
  • Find Devices – Learn about suitable accessibility features and phone options, and access a searchable database to find your best device options.

Welcome to WirelessAccessibility.ca – welcome to accessible wireless.